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Mestská elektráreň Nitra, a.s

“Mestská elektráreň Nitra, a.s.” (the Nitra Municipal Power Plant, Inc.) operates two independent power plants: → The Nitra Cogeneration Power Plant → “BSP ČOV Nitra” (the Nitra Sewage Treatment Plant)

The Nitra project company “Mestská elektráreň Nitra, a.s.” (Nitra Municipal Power Plant, Inc.) with the 100% ownership interest of A.En. Slovensko s.r.o. was established in 2008 with the clear aim of constructing and  subsequently operating combined high-efficiency electricity and heat generating sources.

The process of the realization of the large Nitra Cogeneration Power Plant project commenced in August 2014. The proposed site for the new energy source is situated in a built-up area of the City of Nitra, on the south-western outskirts of the urban district of Chrenová, on the existing site of the Nitra Central Heat Generating Source. The new source was constructed with the aim of supporting the Slovak transmission network and also of using waste heat generated by the equipment in order to heat service water in residential houses and public facilities located in the connected housing estates in Nitra.

Apart from the main project, in 2013 the Nitra Municipal Power Plant realized the Reconstruction of Energy and Gas Management at theSewage Treatment Plant project in Nitra – the installation of a cogeneration unit utilizing biogas as a fuel for the production of heat and electricity. The aim of the project consists in an effective utilization of energy of the entire amount of biogas produced as a by product of sewage treatment. Biogas will be burnt in the new cogeneration unit which will produce electricity and heat and, thereby, will utilize, to the maximum extent possible, the energy potential of biogas. The generated electricity and heat will be utilized directly on the production site, i.e. on the premises of the sewage treatment plant, which will enable to lower the operator’s costs.

The Nitra Municipal Power Plant as the main investor in the projects believes that by operating its power plants it will achieve a decrease in and stabilization of heat production costs for the inhabitants of the City of Nitra, it will support the stability of the transmission network within and in the vicinity of the city, and, by installing the best technologies available in this segment, it will contribute to the decrease in the amount of emissions and,  consequently, to the protection of the environment.

A.En. Slovensko s.r.o.

Thanks to its extensive experience from the area of electricity wholesale and to the liberalisation of the energy market, A.EN. Slovensko decided to become an electricity supplier for end consumers of electricity. We specialise in supplying mediumsized and small production companies and service providers.

On the basis of our specialist experience regarding the purchase of electricity and our knowledge of the relevant legislature and of energy consultancy services, we have become a strong and reliable partner for our electricity consumers whom we can offer not only  competitive prices, but also specialist consultation, which leads to considerable optimisation of energy expenses for our partners.

A.EN.´s goal is to be a competitive supplier of electricity, with a stable share on the energy market. At the same time, by forming a stable and efficient staff with a common interest in the continuous growth of the company, A.EN. is becoming a responsible and reputable partner for energy supplies.

A.EN.’s mission on the energy market is to provide high-quality services and approach to its customers, and thus satisfying their needs and requirements. By sustaining reliable and secure energy supplies, A.EN. offers its customers modern solutions aimed at a reduction of their energy consumption.

Trnavská ekologická spoločnosť s.r.o.

Trnavská ekologická spoločnosť deals with production and distribution of heat, production and distribution of electricity produced by production equipment with total installed power until 1 MW from renewable resources, if it is production and distribution electricity to equipments, which uses biogas.

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Company Nitra Municipal Power Plant, a.s. (Mestská elektráreň Nitra a.s.) establised

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